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Family contribution

The family contribution (or tuition) is the financial participation that is requested from the parents of students in exchange for the schooling of their child in a private educational establishment associated with the State by contract.

It is an essential and even vital resource for the life of the establishment.

The amount of the contribution of the families of La Salle St-Etienne is determined according to the table below. It is paid according to the terms chosen by the family:

Reductions are applicable from the2nd child registered in the establishment.

Deposit and other related costs

The fee is €50 per child and will be requested at the time of registration or re-enrollment in the school. This amount will be deducted from the expense account.

In case of withdrawal, this deposit will not be refunded.

Expenses related to ancillary services (supplies, transportation, miscellaneous activities…) may be claimed in addition and will be detailed in the expense account.

How to estimate your contribution?

To find out the cost of your child’s education, please consult the contribution bracket based on your household’s reference tax income (see calculation method below) and then choose the table corresponding to your child’s level of study to find out the amount of the contribution (see table below).

Method of calculation:

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