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Apprenticeship are carried out on a work-study program, combining working with an employer with courses in a training organization.

Like many Hurther & Higher Educational institutions, our school has chosen to encourage the development of apprenticeship, starting from the baccalaureate / high school level.

What is apprenticeship for?

One third of the time is spent in the training center, the other two thirds are in the company.

Apprentice training centers (CFA) provide general, technological and practical training. In close contact with the professional world, they are the ideal places to learn a specific trade.
Based on the transfer of skills by apprenticeship tutors, an apprenticeship is a concrete way of acquiring both theoretical knowledge and skills in order to master a trade, understand the company, and acquire the necessary know-how, thus facilitating integration into the company.

Apprentice status

An apprentice is considered to be a young worker; as such, he or she benefits from the provisions applicable to all employees of the company and from the special provisions relating to young workers.

The social security of apprentices is similar to that of other employees from the age of 16: affiliation to the general social security system, paid leave, maternity leave, rights to retirement and unemployment benefits, etc.

The apprenticeship contract

The apprenticeship contract is a special type of employment contract established between a young person or his/her legal representative and the host company. The employer undertakes, in addition to paying a salary, to provide the apprentice with a complete vocational training, partly in the company and partly in the apprentice training center. In return, the apprentice undertakes to work for this employer for the duration of the contract and to follow this training.

The apprenticeship contract can be established for a limited period (from 6 to 36 months) or for an indefinite period. When concluded for an indefinite period, the contract begins with the apprenticeship period.

The apprenticeship contract is an employment contract between an employer and an apprentice. The apprentice works for the employer and receives a salary for this.

The apprentice's remuneration

Subject to more favorable contractual or conventional provisions, the apprentice receives a salary determined as a percentage of the statutory minimum wage, the amount of which varies according to the age of the beneficiary and his or her progress in the training cycle or cycles covered by the apprenticeship.

Since January 1, 2019, adult apprentices can benefit from a one-off state aid of 500 euros to finance their driving lessons and test.

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