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A new catering company

The company 1001 repas has provided the catering service for the 2 sites, since last September.

1001 meals is :

  • the pleasure of cooking good food which is the key to conviviality.
  • pride in cooking
  • the co-construction of menus between a nutritionist and a chef
  • strict hygiene rules
  • the desire to reduce food waste

1001 meals, the recipe to success

Start with a product and allow the chef to write their own recipe.

At 1001 Meals, chefs have the freedom to create their own recipes. We trust the relationship they have with their clients every day. And of course we rely on their know-how and creativity!

Each local team also has the freedom to organise its own supply chain because each region (and each terroir) is unique. Of course, it requires more complex logistics but it makes so much more sense for us.


1001 meals, zero waste

Optimizing resources to bring quality to the plate.

A distribution method has been put in place to fight against food waste. Your child will take their tray, cutlery and glass. They will help themselves to cheese or dairy products and dessert, and then will help themselves at the salad bar. After having eaten his or her starter, your child can come and get a refill at the salad bar or take the main dish served by the Chef using the same plate.

At the end of the meal, children will clear their own trays.
This system allows children to take responsibility for food waste.

For us, the dining hall is also a place of education.

New design

The Designers of the nursery and elementary school, Sandra Villet and Julien De Sousa, have completely redesigned Saint-Louis’s self-service canteen with new materials, colors and signs, which will be used throughout the school complex.


A new catering team

To accompany these changes, we wanted a new management team to take charge of our catering. Our new partner 1001 repas has found the right people to take up this challenge and be part of this new beginning.

The new prices and meals concern both sites with specific proposals for the cafeterias, in particular for campus students so that they have an efficient service, quality products and attractive prices. 2-day, 3-day and 4-day packages will be offered to optimize rates compared to occasional meals.

View the food service rates for the 2022-2023 school year.

You are welcome to come and test all these changes yourself!

Journées portes ouvertes

Rendez-vous le vendredi 8 mars de 16h30 à 19h et le samedi 9 mars de 9h à 12h pour nos JPO du Campus !!!