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Product Realization Process Design

2-year undergraduate program
Semesters 1 to 4


The holder of the BTS Conception of the processes of realization of products (CPRP) is a specialist of the processes of production by removal or addition of materials. As the designer of the associated processes, he is involved throughout the production chain (definition – industrialization – production, assembly and control) of the mechanical elements that make up industrial sub-assemblies, whether they are consumer goods for the general public, capital goods for companies, specialized tooling or high value-added mechanical assemblies.

And because a short interview is better than a long speech, we asked Corentin and Moryne to share their experience of the BTS CPRP :

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  • Provide a technical and economic response to a request
  • To design the process of realization by integrating all the constraints
    technical, economic and environmental
  • Prepare, launch and optimize the production of a sub-assembly
  • Manage the realization of a sub-assembly
  • Managing teams
  • Collaborate with partners

Course details

General subjects
  • General culture and expression
  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Physics Chemistry
Professional subjects
  • Behavior of the mechanisms
  • Design of the mechanisms
  • Process design
  • Testing and realization

Course organisation


Professional openings

In all sectors of the metallurgy and industry(plastics, aeronautics, etc.), the company is involved in a wide range of activities,
and in production-related departments: workshop technician,methods department technician,quality department technician.

Admission requirements

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Registration and information

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